FunkyDown Studios

Classic & Eclectic, Vintage and Modern


Logic Pro X, Audient ID44 interface, Cranborne Audio 500ADAT with Cranborne Audio & D.A.V Electronics preamps, Adam monitors and Sennheiser & Beyer Dynamic headphones. A varied mic locker covers the classics (AKG D12 & C414, Electrovoice RE20 & RE11, Shure SM58) to the more esoteric (Calrec CB20, Beyer Dynamic M81, AKG D58 & Oktava MK219). We have 4 drumkits to call on for recording; 1950’s Ajax and early 70’s Olympic 4-piece kits in jazz sizes, with 5-piece Ludwig and 7-piece Premier kits from the 1980s in more traditional rock configurations. An upright piano, Fender Rhodes MkII Stage 73, Hohner Pianet T and Roland SH101 cover the keys side of things and we’ve got an upright bass too. A selection of guitars includes 6 & 12 string acoustics, several Telecaster and Stratocaster models and basses from Fender & Tokai. 


I have remixing, mixing, production and engineering credits with artists as diverse as Fatboy Slim, Norah Jones & Madness, covering full album mixing to remix & additional production work. I’m happy to discuss combinations of any of these for your project.


My background in radio promotion has led to dozens of radio edits created for the likes of Joss Stone, Beverley Knight, Cage The Elephant & Seth Lakeman, and I’m always happy to undertake these for you. Perhaps you need some editing and production on a podcast? Or some audio archiving or restoring from obsolete media (Cassette, DAT, 1/4″ tape)? I can do those too, please get in touch for details.